Fully stainless steel 316Ti one piece heat exchanger and extremely low emissions. Play your part in decarbonisation.

Modulating blue flame technology, compatible with smart controls – providing next level comfort.

The result of extensive research and innovation, the Sapphire Boiler is backed by numbers, not industry politics.

Providing a future-proof solution for off-grid homes – the Sapphire Boiler is part of that future & biofuel ready.

Want to be Carbon Neutral?

We have worked extensively to ensure that we can make a positive impact and reduce our emissions with every Sapphire Boiler installed.

We have worked with Carbon Footprint Ltd, who are committed to reducing carbon emissions at source – we will make recommendations and set targets to reduce carbon and energy spend in your home.

Customer Testimonials

“We have taken part in an extended home trial of the new EOGB boiler between April 2019 and May 2021. It replaced a 15-year-old kerosene boiler with a much lighter and more compact unit, and we were particularly keen to reduce our fuel consumption. With the previous boiler providing all the heating and hot water for a large old Cotswold stone house we were using on average 300 litres per month. Since the EOGB boiler has been fitted our usage has dropped to 200 litres per month, which will save us around £730 a year on current fuel prices. 

It’s great to see new technology reducing our carbon footprint and saving us money at the same time.”

Alistair Dinmore

“Over the last year the Sapphire has proven itself to be a reliable & efficient boiler, integrating itself well with our Genius Hub control system.

We have noticed a decrease in our oil consumption, compared to our previous boiler. It is looking like we have reduced our consumption by at least one tank fill per year, saving around 1000 litres of oil per annum.”

Robin & Laura Smith


Reduce emissions by up to 90%

The Sapphire Boiler perfectly compliments your overall heating system efficiency.

The Sapphire Boiler is the industry’s first Fully Modulating, OpenTherm Certified Liquid Fuel Boiler on the Market.

Find out why you should heat your home with Sapphire, whilst reducing your carbon footprint along with lower fuel and electricity consumption.