Reduce your Carbon Footprint

By purchasing a Sapphire Boiler you have already made a huge step to reducing your Carbon Footprint.

The Sapphire Boiler is fully modulating and integrates with OpenTherm smart controls.

This already reduces your emissions considerably as your heat is controlled far more accurately than before.

You can reduce your emissions even further by using a truly renewable bio liquid called HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) to heat your home.

This fuel is fully certified, is produced from waste so your carbon emissions are already reduced by 90%.

But surely we can do even more to reduce our emissions?

Correct! You can offset your CO2e emissions by tree planting, but do you know how many trees you would need to plant?

Who plants the trees? How do I know that they have been planted? How do I pay?

Click below and we will answer all your questions.