In this article, we discuss the benefits that multi zoned heating brings to the environment and your pockets

As we strive towards reducing our CO2e emissions and attempt to reduce heating costs for homeowners, the subject of heating controls is always an interesting topic and ever so more prevalent now with fuel price increase recently.

In many properties, far more can be done to reduce fuel bills and carbon emissions with some upfront investment from the homeowner but with a reasonable payback period.

Multi-zoned systems are now extremely popular but not widely adopted across the board for oil installations compared to the gas market. Perhaps it is down to the possible further complexities of the installation and the demographic of the customers. However now as we are fighting for our industry to prove we have a place moving into the renewable bioliquid market with HVO now getting more traction and some government recognition, we really should be looking at how we can reduce fuel consumption and sell more energy-efficient systems to homeowners and be able to have the knowledge to explain the benefits to them as the service technicians and installers are their most trusted source of information when it comes to what’s best to keep them warm!

Considerable savings can be made when each radiator becomes a zone of its own and utilising smart controls with the best available technology such as our Sapphire boiler and weather compensation that can be internet provided so no need for further external sensors to be fitted, and even room occupation sensors to detect room activity allowing the control system to build a unique operating system for the property. With systems such as these in place customers are reporting 25% fuel reductions with one customer calculating their fuel reduction as much as 200 litres per month and another customer claiming they are buying one less oil delivery per year of around £730. So, it’s possible that homeowners would see a return on their investment within 2 years.

Installation of this kind may sound a little complex and possibly daunting to know what specific items are required but manufactures are extremely helpful and there to assist you. Multi zoned kits can even now be ordered for a particular installation pre-set and labelled for each room which makes the installation for more plug and play and takes away some of the nervousness of the installer to specify a more complex control system.