HVO – The Fuel of the future available today

“HVO” Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil is a certified net zero carbon fuel produced from waste cooking oils and fats.

Homes currently on Kerosene heating can easily transition to this fuel with minor conversions to their existing system to make a true environmental change now.

Liquid biofuels in the form of HVO is a true sustainable and sensible approach to off gas grid decarbonisation. 

Minimum capital expenditure for end users will mean greater uptake compared to complete invasive/disruptive works required to fit alternative energies.

The Research Behind the Numbers

We have a suitable environmentally friendly renewable liquid fuel available to us that is waste derived.


Liquid biofuels are an environmentally-friendly alternative to use to heat your home and supply hot water whilst reducing the carbon emissions polluting out atmosphere. 

Greater uptake will result from minimal end-user capital outlay as opposed to extensive, disruptive work needed to install alternative energies.


Kerosene currently heats 1.5 million homes in the UK (6%).

It produces tens of thousands of jobs for service personnel.

By 2050, UK government aim to bring all carbon emissions down to net zero.

Air source heat pumps and biomass boilers create good emission statistics but due to high setup and installation costs they have poor utilistation. They are also not suitable for some homes due to age and design.

Rural properties are often older and poorly insulated. With serious investment and high costs, they can be improved.


tHE BENEFITS                                                  

 The similarities to existing heating installations allow for easy modification to use HVO.

HVO does not include aromatics like traditional crude oil derived fuels, ensuring safety when handling it.

The higher flashpoint of 61 degrees celsius is another benefit. Making a good argument to declassify its categorisation of a flammable liquid.

Pure HVO is also a biodegradable substance, there meaning it is classified as a non-pollutant.