We’ve made it simple for you.

We have done a 25-year lifecycle comparative carbon emissions & carbon offset test. 

The results are very interesting.

Our work in numbers

Let’s look at a 2-bedroom upgraded property in the Midlands and their average fuel consumption of CO2e using various fuels.

How many Broadleaf Trees would be required to offset them?

Kerosene Stanard Efficiency Boiler
Kerosene Condensing Boiler
Sapphire Fully Modulating Boiler
Sapphire Fully Modulating Boiler on HVO

Lets work together to care for our Climate and Communities

Looking at the above, you can see that by having a Sapphire installed you are already reducing your emissions.

Another bonus is the fact that you can offset your home heating & hot water usage totally by offering a tree planting donation.

As you can see, there are many ways to offset your carbon footprint.

Our Work

We have done a vast amount of research on this subject and have handpicked a suitable partner to make offsetting your CO2e experience as pain free as possible.

For all trees purchased, you will receive a unique certificate detailing your positive impact you have had on the environment.

Carbon Footprint Ltd

Carbon Footprint Ltd is committed to reducing carbon emissions at source – we will make recommendations and set targets to reduce carbon and energy spend in your homes and businesses.