HVO Case Study

The Five Horseshoes Public House, Barholm Achieves Carbon Neutral Heating

The 300 year old public house in the village of Barholm in Lincolnshire is involved in the forefront of innovation of the liquid fuel industry by converting its old inefficient oil boiler and controls to a Sapphire fully modulating liquid fuel boiler Manufactured by UK based EOGB Energy Products ltd running on HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable oil). The Five Horseshoes is the subject of an Oftec industry led 3 year demonstration site, to prove that rural properties such as these are far better being treated with bio liquids than with electrification for heat and hot water due to the almost impossible task of insulating walls floors etc.

The Sapphire Low NOx fully Modulating condensing boiler is the 1st boiler on the market to have OpenTherm certification which indicates that the boiler passes the strict protocol to enable it to be fully operational with OpenTherm smart control systems and therefore will deliver considerable fuel saving to end users.

For this project a Genius Hub multi zonal controls system was also chosen to enable the Landlords of the establishment to control each area of the pub for maximum comfort including occupancy sensors in the living areas that build and occupancy profile and optimises the heat up times. Each radiator is fitted with motorised thermostatic radiator valves that not only measure air temperature they also have a unique secondary flow temp stat inbuild to calculate the heat load requirements more accurately. The Genius Hub is wireless device that is located by the boiler and controls the system via Wi-Fi and calculated the exact heat load required and the information is sent to the boiler to modulate the heat load according to eliminate overshoot of temperature or any possible short cycling of the heating system and this also had huge benefits and allows the boiler to condense constantly with lower return temperatures. Along with internet-based weather compensation, given time the system self learns the building characteristics with a look to increase efficiency as much as possible.

Martin Cooke Managing Director of EOGB sated “By using our Sapphire boiler HVO rather than on Kerosene for the fuel the public house will reduce it CO2e emissions by 90%, with the kerosene emissions at 8.26 tonnes of CO2e per annum, and with HVO being used this reduced massively down to just 0.72 tonnes of CO2e per annum”.

 As a step further EOGB has then donated 15 broad leaf English trees as a carbon offset for 25 years calculated from the Crown oil calculated SAP CO2e emissions, so the Five Horseshoes can be satisfied they are really doing their part in being as environmentally carbon neutral for heating and hot water can be yet still provide the same level of warmth and comfort.