The Sapphire Boiler was designed with the future in mind

Sapphire is the only liquid fuel boiler that can actually demonstrate a return on your investment.

Let’s look at the facts


Make a return on your investment with Sapphire

Our Boiler is made in the UK using the highest quality materials

The Sapphire was designed and built for the future in mind, reflected with its 25-year warranty.

The Sapphire boiler is the only liquid fuel boiler that can actually demonstrate a return on investment.

The world is changing, and everyone must play a part in decarbonisation.

With Sapphire you are investing in the future and the peace of mind that you can futureproof you heating system and simply change over to a  renewable bio liquid when you choose to give you 90% carbon reduction over your standard heating oil. You can also offset the final 10% by donating to  tree planting and receiving a certificate to prove your heating is carbon neutral.


What makes our boiler different?

When you invest in Sapphire and its unique modulating control system you can have peace of mind that you can offset potential fuel rises through the unique way sapphire controls your heating to reduce fuel consumption, saving you hundreds of pounds on your heating bills compared to other boilers on the market.

By installing Sapphire and its smart controls you are opting for the most cost-effective way to save money and decarbonise.

I’ve heard that boilers are being banned, can we still buy them?

Recent government announcements state that no more oil boilers will be installed after 2026.

Don’t be alarmed by this as HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) is and will be available as a replacement to your existing heating oil should you choose to change over to a renewable fuel, but currently there are no plans to stop the sale of Kerosene heating oil in the UK, so you don’t need to worry or think you have to replace you existing heating system contrary to what you may read in the papers or see on the news.

Be aware of false advertising scams claiming massive reduction in bills by changing over to a heat pump as many of these are totally bogus statements.